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Web traffic exchange Nº1.New payment Trafficmonsoon $5,96


Is Traffic Exchange which has the new offer users Share Positions of up to 110% for each AdPack acquired.

Hourly receive dividends present value of the Shares in TMS.
Currently 1 Share generates an estimated $ 1.05 daily. I shares genre with 4 + $ 4 a day.

Every AdPack you buy will give you 1000 credits only to the site you want to promote visits, can also make traffic exchanges manually for 1 credit for each visit you make.
Must see at least 10 pages in traffic exchanges every 24 hours to be credited every hour.

Every AdPack you buy will give you 20 clicks the banner you want to promote. It may be in the resolutions of 125×125, 468×60 and 728×90. Also you can edit the image of your banner with your referral link when you want, wherever your banners are displayed on the site depend on the resolution you choose.
This allows you to have your banner UNLIMITED views. Your banner will still be displayed around the site until it has received a total of 20 clicks.

If you do not want to spend an average of 12 cents per day is won, the 100×100 of what your referrals earn, earn instant payment. If you want to register follow the tutorial pag.  Read more…..

Proof of payment: Trf 12/04/15


About referi2click

Mi nombre es Manuel, soy español y vivo en galicia: gran tierra!!!, Emprededor que lleva mas de 5 años ganando dinero online. Mi meta es conseguir la libertad financiera.

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