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Paidverts news

Paidverts will modify the system announcements granel.1) For the system is still more sustainable
2) To expedite the delivery of outstanding ads in buying ads in bulk.
An additional charge of $ 0.05  is allocated for ad package.
3) From this time the ads cost 1.05 to 50 visits + + 3100BAP banners.
This increase automatically generates the following random ads:
1 x $ 0.02
2 x $ 0,005
10 x $ 0.001
$ 0.0005 x 20
These ads will rotate for free all day
Active Accounts: 133632
Activation ad: 569,542
Bulk ad delivery: 5.941725
.All Time: $ 6.742416
.end Of server day, last night: $184,985

Paidverts still paying all outstanding payments

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Mi nombre es Manuel, soy español y vivo en galicia: gran tierra!!!, Emprededor que lleva mas de 5 años ganando dinero online. Mi meta es conseguir la libertad financiera.

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